Established 1870

Vine Grove Fire Department

History of Vine Grove Fire Department

     The Vine Grove Fire Department established its first organized volunteer department in 1870. As of present day, the Vine Grove Fire Department doesn't have much history documented before 1938. We know the city's first piece of firefighting equipment was a wooden hose cart pictured with a March 28, 1899 date. Through the stories passed down through elderly members, we know the city had several major fires in the downtown area that devastated most of the city.

     As of now, we have documented history with photographs of the department starting in 1938. In 1936, the city purchased a Ford dump truck which was used to gravel the roads in the city. In 1938, the town board voted to send this dump truck to W.S. Darley to convert it ti a fire apparatus at a cost of $2,537.03. In 1938, the town board appointed George A. Cooper to fire chief. In 1940, the city recognized the value of its volunteers and voted to pay each member $.50 per fire run. This practice continues today with it being increased to $20.00 per fire run.

     The Vine Grove Fire Department has a long history of not only protecting the city, but a large portion of Hardin County, Kentucky. Up until the 1950's, Vine Grove Fire Department was the only department within a 15 mile radius. In 1956, Radcliff Volunteer Fire Department was established. They also helped with the protection of the county. During it's history, the Vine Grove Fire Department has always covered a portion of Hardin County and continues to do so today.

     The Vine Grove Fire Department operates utilizing two stations, both within the city limits, has one paid chief and up to 35 volunteers paid per call. Recently, we completed construction of a community safe room and storm shelter located next to the main fire station on 513 Highland Ave. 

     The Vine Grove Fire Department is a multi-faced response agency that provides for the emergency and safety needs of our citizens. Our service is customer based and we are continually evaluating and redefining our mission.